‘Larva search and destroy’ campaign in Chitwan

Khairahani municipality of Chitwan has kicked off a ‘larva search and destroy’ campaign to protect the people from mosquito-borne dengue disease.

The municipality has started the door-to-door visit campaign since Sunday to search and destroy mosquito larva in potential areas.

Mayor Shahsi Kumar Khaniya, deputy mayor Kabita Uprety, other elected people’s representatives, employees, health workers and locals had participated in the campaign.

On the occasion, mayor Khaniya pledged to continue the campaign and asked the residents to remain cautious of dengue outbreak.

He informed that the public awareness creating campaign would be continued to eliminate the Aedes mosquitos’ eggs.

Municipality’s health section chief Nirmal Ghimire shared that the public sensitization campaign has been intensified by reaching out to the community to eliminate dengue risks.

‘There are several areas within the municipality which are favourable for mosquitoes to produce larva;, he said, adding, ‘Rapid urbanization is contributing to spread the mosquito-borne infection’.

Meanwhile, Ratnanagar municipality has urged the municipal residents to adopt safety measures to protect oneself from mosquito bites.

The municipality has urged all ward residents to participate in the campaign to search and destroy mosquito larva.

Public Health Officer of the municipality, Madhav Prasad Poudel informed the ‘search and destroy’ campaign has been put in place to eliminate the larva of mosquitoes that can transfer dengue.

Number of patients with dengue infection has reached 13 in Chitwan. According to Health office Chitwan, 13 people were tested positive to the dengue while carrying out blood test among 121.



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