96 percent children vaccinated against measles, rubella

A total of 5 million and 643 thousand children have been vaccinated against measles and rubella in the immunization campaign launched by the government.

The government had launched the immunization campaign from February 25-March 20 in view of risk of measles and rubella infection.

Chief of Child Health and Immunization Section, Dr Abhiyan Gautam, said total 5.643 million children were vaccinated against government’s target of vaccinating 5.742 million children.

“The children were vaccinated as per our target. The preliminary-phase report received from the districts mentioned that 96 per cent children were found vaccinated under the campaign,” he shared.

The government had launched the immunization campaign against measles and rubella infection in 75 districts except in Rukum West and Jajarkot this year. It had launched the vaccination campaign in Rukum West and Jajarkot earlier.

The children from nine months old to 15 years of 21 districts sharing borders with India and three districts of the Kathmandu Valley as well as children from nine months to five years of 51 districts were vaccinated under the campaign.

A total of 49,937 health workers and 59,906 volunteers were mobilized to make the immunization campaign a success.



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