Lawmakers draw government’s attention on urgency to control lumpy skin disease

Lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government on various contemporary issues.
They demanded the government to provide relief to the farmers affected from the lumpy skin disease.

Soon after the beginning of today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, Padam Giri said cattle of farmers of different places of the country have died due to lumpy skin disease, demanding to provide relief to the farmers.

He asked the government to spend the money to control the disease even after transferring the budget of MPs Constituency Development Fund.

Similarly, Ramhari Khatiwada drew government’s attention, saying farmers have been facing problems in plating rice seedlings on time as oxen have started dying due to lumpy skin disease.

He also demanded to arrest the high-political leaders involved in Lalita Niwas Land Grab scam, not only employees. Khatiwada said those selling the land should also be brought under the ambit of legal action.

Likewise, Ranendra Baraeli drew government’s attention to take action against those involved in torching the house following racial discrimination in Jumla.

Rabi Lamichhane raised question why the bill brought to provide relief to loan sharking victims of in agenda of today’s meeting.

He shared they are clear on the issue of providing relief to loan sharking victims and urged to put the issue in agenda in next meeting.

Gyanendra Shahi mentioned that incidents of racial discrimination could not been decreased even in 21st century while Pradeep Yadav said farmers of Bara and Parsa have been affected due to drought following climate change.

Aamresh Kumar Singh demanded that not only the junior government employees but also people who occupied high posts and implicated in the Lalita Niwas land-grab scam should be brought to justice.

He alleged that the government land belonging to Lalita Niwas was transferred in individuals’ names with the involvement of political leadership.

He even called on the Speaker to issue a ruling in the name of the government to take stern action against the culprits of the Lalita Niwas land scam.

Lawmaker Prabhu Sah urged the government to provide compensation to one farmer in Rautahat who died due to lightning and another man who was electrocuted due to the negligence of the Nepal Electricity Authority.

Lawmakers Roshan Karki, Shanti BK, Thakur Gaire, Ashok Kumar Chaudhary, Lila Bokhim Limbu, Raghuki Panta and Prem Suwal also voiced various issues pertaining to public interest.



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