Locals not to allow disposal of Valley garbage in Bancharedanda until demands are met

The local residents of Kakani Rural Municipality in Nuwakot and Dhunibesi Municipality of Dhading have decided not to allow the disposal of garbage collected from the Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts) in the Bancharedanda landfill site until the agreement reached previously is fully implemented.

The dumping of garbage from Kathmandu has been halted from July 17 citing the non-implementation of an agreement reached last year between the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and the affected locals.

The protest in the form of halting waste disposal would continue until the locals’ demands are met, said the Kakani Rural Municipality chair Suman Tamang.

Ghana Nath Bajgain, the ward chair of Kakani Rural Municipality, and Man Bahadur Tamang, the ward chair of Dhunibesi univocally agreed with Suman in this regard.

However, the KMC has a different take on the matter. The local people should facilitate in acquiring 3,000 ropanis of land in the area to construct a dumping site as the KMC cannot do it all by itself, said the KMC infrastructure advisor Sunil Lamsal.

Having dumped in Sisdol for the past 15 years, the waste from the Valley has been disposed of in Bancharedanda from 23 August, 2022. Following a halt in dumping the waste in Bancharedanda by the local people, a writ petition was filed in the court.

The Supreme Court on Monday issued an interim verdict, directing the local level not to implement their decision of charging fees to the garbage-carrying tipper truck and preventing them from disposing of garbage if they refused to make the payments in fees.

But, the locals have halted the disposal of the waste in defiance to the verdict issued by the court.



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