Manebhanjyang for branding homemade liquor

He Manebhanjyang Rural Municipality in Okhaldhunga district is going to launch branding of homemade liquor and sell if from the upcoming fiscal year.

Legal provision for marketization of branded homemade liquor would be put in place, said Gyanendra Rumdali, Chairperson of the rural municipality.

The local municipalities had planned to standardize the domestic produces linked to traditional and cultural skills and do the branding and sell for income generation and promotion. It is promotion of local produces- food items as well as beverages.

Initially, alcohol made from millet would be branded, informed Rumdali, adding that implementation of branding alcohol and selling it would help improve income of the locals.

The local municipality will however ban sales and distribution of alcohol without its permission, he said.

Additionally, the local level has also decided to promote marijuana farming for medicinal purpose.



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