Medicines and vaccines against Lumpy Skin infection in wards

Medicines and vaccination against Lumpy Skin have been sent to wards of all local governments in Baglung in a bid to protect cattle from infectious disease.

Chief of Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Centre, Dr Rishiram Sapkota informed vaccines and drugs were sent to the wards through local government level technicians. He shared that as many as 2,900 cattle have been so far infected from contagious Lumpy skin disease.

The Centre has sent vaccines for 500 cattle for Baglung municipality. As of now, 166 cows have died in Baglung due to Lumpy skin infection.

Among the symptoms of the viral infectious disease are fever, lacrimation, hyper salvation and skin eruptions. Cows kept in farm shave been found more infected of the viral disease in the district, it is informed.

Lumpy skin infection was first spotted among cattle in Badigad rural municipality of Baglung in last April. Then after, it has been gradually spreading in other areas, Sapkota shared.

With the cattle getting infected, milk production has also decreased. Farmers are bearing a loss of millions of rupees due to death toll of cattle.

As many as 1,200 cattle are being infected of the disease in Dhorpatan municipality alone. Number of cattle infected in Nisikhola is 513, 142 in Galkot municipality, 181 in Badigad rural municipality and 189 in Tamankhola.

Likewise, 221 cows are being infected with Lumpy Skin in Baglung municipality. Local governments had brought vaccines and arranged inoculation service to the infected cattle with the rise in infection cases.

Sapkota further informed the Veterinary Hospital had sent 4,500 doses of vaccines were sent to the local level in Baglung. In lack of technical human resource, vaccination service remained ineffective in Dhorpatan which saw the highest number of infection cases.



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