Music video ‘Herera Muhar Timro’ released

Amusic video titled “Herer Muhar Timro” has been released featuring the voices of Ashmita Adhikari and Umesh Raut.

The music video which showcases a love story blossoming amidst the scenic beauty of Chitlang, Bhedachaur, and Kulekhani Dam, was released on Sunday.

Ujjwal Hridaya penned the lyrics, while Umesh Raut is the music composer. Artists Usha Upreti and Ramesh Jatal deliver captivating performances under the direction of GB Agri and the lens of Prakash Khadka.

As Umesh Raut describes, the song “yearns for love, then marriage, and a beautiful life together.”

Released by OSR digital, the music is further enhanced by Purushottam Subedi’s composition and mixing.



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