Pooja stuns in Daanvi as filming continues in India

The filming of a Nepali action movie ‘Daanvi’ starring actress Pooja Sharm is currently underway in India.

Artists Pooja Sharma and Kunsang Bomjan are in the lead roles of the film which is directed by Rupesh Tamang. The shooting is taking place in Kalimpong, India.

Actress Sharma, who is in Kalimpoing for the past week, said, “We are filming the major part of the film. It will continue for a week.”

Ahead of filming in India, the “Daanvi” team released an action teaser showcasing Pooja Sharma’s impressive stunts, which captivated audiences.

While the release date is yet to be decided, the teaser has already generated buzz. Alongside Pooja and Kunsang, the film boasts Kiran Shrestha from “Parkhi Basen Timilai.”

Pawan Rana Magar serves as the executive producer, with Dev Magar and Anup Gadal financing the film. Kamala Malla, Pancha Bahadur Tamang, Shrawan Kumar Shrestha, and Jeevan Tamang join as co-producers.

The story penned by Sanjog Kuwar Rana unfolds on screen thanks to Hari Bahadur Ghale’s direction and Shree Shrestha’s cinematography.



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