PM calls on all sides to come together for addressing national problems

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has called on all sides to stand at one place for resolving the problems facing the nation.

PM Dahal said this while addressing the House of Representatives prior to seeking a vote of confidence today. On the occasion, he stressed on the need of maintaining national unity for achieving the opportunities before the nation.

“I repeat here even amid various allegations that in my capacity as the Prime Minister, I am committed for consensus, collaboration and mutual trust, and not for negation, dishonor and retribution,” said the PM, adding, “We all have ownership and share in the present power appropriation.

The President is from the Nepali Congress background, the Vice President is from the Janata Samajbadi Party, the Speaker is from the CPN (UML) background, the National Assembly Chair is from the Maoist Centre background and the Deputy Speaker is from the Rastriya Swatantra Party background.”

Stating that he has e decisive role in this ‘respectable’ representation of all, Prime Minister Dahal said and he takes pride in this.

Parliament is not place for trading personal accusation: PM

PM Dahal said the sovereign parliament is not the proper place for exchange of personal accusation and counter-accusations.

“Although the reconstitution of the government is only a political process, some colleagues of the Nepali Congress made a non-political interpretation of this process and leveled personal slur and attack on me.

I did not want to hit back at the allegations, but my principle was and is that this sovereign parliament is not an appropriate place for trading personal accusations and counter-accusations.”

Stating that he wanted to put some views from his side in the House thinking that not denying the allegations that are in the parliament’s record itself would send the wrong message, PM Dahal reminded that the Nepali Congress had at one time described his as a statesman from the rostrum of the parliament.



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