Shop raided and sealed for black marketing of fertilizer

The District Administration Office (DAO), Bhaktapur has launched action against those shops involved in black marketing of chemical fertilizers.

The Office recently raided a shop for selling fertilizer to farmers charging exorbitant price. On Friday, a team led by Assistant Chief District Officer, Dolendra Niraula, raided the shop run by Nhuchhebhakta Katubhaju at Kamal Binayak of Bhaktapur Municipality-10.

Acting on the grievances of the consumers that the subsidized fertilizers were being sold in the black market, the team raided the shop that was selling fertilizer brought illegally from India for Rs 2,100 per sack, informed Khagendra Rijal, Chief District Officer (CDO) of Bhaktapur.

The team seized 129 sacks of fertilizers being sold at an exorbitant price, CDO Rijal said, adding that it has been sealed later and further investigation forwarded.

The shop’s proprietor Katubhaju failed to produce the purchase bill of the fertilizers, said CDO Rijal, sharing that the proprietor was giving the bill written Agro World Lalitpur in it to the buyers. Proprietor Katubhaju will be brought to book, said Rijal.

The team is preparing to launch a surprise monitoring of the market where fertilizers is being sold.

The DAO, Bhaktapur has urged the consumers to inform the office if there was any case of black marketing of fertilizers.



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