Opportunity to transform police organization-IGP Kunwar

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Basanta Bahadur Kunwar said there was an opportune time for reforming and transforming the police organization now.

At a press conference held at the Nepal Police Headquarters in Kathmandu on Friday, he made it clear that the police organization was receiving good support from the political leadership.

An enabling environment was being made for the transformation and development of the organization, he said, adding dearth of resources however has brought some challenges for full-fledged implementation of the plans.

Though the home ministry leadership was moving aggressively, the anticipated results were not being achieved due to several limitations caused by external factors, IGP Kunwar asserted.

On a query regarding Cybercrime, IGP Kunwar said challenges were persisting in executing the government’s decision to deal with cybercrime cases in districts, adding the police organization was developing a guideline to tackle the issue of cybercrime.

He further shared that police working in IT sector would be further capacitated to address cybercrime.



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