Conflict victims draw government’s attention over TJ laws

The survivors of the decade-long armed conflict have drawn the attention of the government and bodies concerned to the need of ensuring justice to them while amending the laws related to transitional justice.

They assembled today at local Babarmahal to voice their demand that they should be consulted while amending the TJ laws and the change to the laws should not ‘kill’ justice.

Suman Adhikari, the founding chairperson of the Conflict Victims’ Common Platform, said that the government should consult the conflict victims before amending the Act on Transitional Justice in order to ensure that it gives justice to them. He added that the victims who have been hoping for justice for years should not suffer from injustice.

He said they were organizing the sit-in to draw the government’s attention so that the State listens to their voice. Adhikari has been raising voice for justice to all the conflict victims, calling for action against the culprits who killed his father, Muktinath Adhikari, since his brutal murder during the conflict period.

The government had formed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Commission of Inquiry on the Disappeared Persons for bringing the facts and truth before the public by carrying out investigation into the incidents that occurred during the 10-year armed conflict.

Although the twin commissions carried out some works, they were not effective. Both the commissions are without officials at present. The complaints filed by the conflict victims are also unattended.

The government is preparing to amend the Act related to the transitional justice. The Human Rights and Law Committee of the Federal Parliament is holding discussions on this.

The Supreme Court in 2014 issued a verdict directing the government to make amendments to the Act in consultation with the conflict victims and in accordance with the international law to provide justice to them. However, there has been a long delay in implementing this verdict.

Sabitri Shrestha, a conflict survivor, said all the conflict victims should get justice and the law should not have any provision granting amnesty to the culprits responsible for committing heinous crimes during the conflict period.



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