Magar Unity Day being observed today

The 42nd Magar National Unity Day is being observed across the country today. The Magar community is celebrating the Day with fanfare.

Various programmes are scheduled at different places of Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Sustapurba) where there is dominant presence of Magar people.

The district chapter of Nepal Magar Association is conducting a local level programme, according to Association’s Vice Chair, Indra Phalmagar.

Even the Magar associations abroad will be organizing programmes on this occasion. “The Day bears significance to preserve indigenous culture as songs and dances of Magar people. New generation needs informed transfer of language and culture, to which the Day counts,” he added.

The latest census has recorded the population of Magar people at 2.13 million in Nepal. It is 6.9 percent of the total population.

All eight local levels in the district have given public holiday on this occasion. The local levels issued notices to inform the public about holiday. There four rural municipalities and four municipalities in the district.

Falgun 15 is observed as the Magar National Unity Day every year in memory of the establishment of the Nepal Magar Association which advocates for the rights of Magar people.



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