Nature conservation is common issue of concern and challenge: President Paudel

President Ramchandra Paudel has said nature conservation has become the common issue of concern and challenges to humans.

President Paudel shared this while addressing the ‘Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Justice’ conference jointly organised by the Ministry of Forest and Environment, Judges’ Society Nepal and National Trust for Nature Conservation here today.

‘Currently, the world is surrounded by environmental challenges including climate change. Nepal is not away from it. National and international concern and interest have increased in the sector of environment and wildlife conservation”, he mentioned.

Stating that nature, bio diversity and wildlife conservation are directly connected with sustainable development, the President stressed, “We are aware about the role played by wildlife found in Nepal in balancing ecological system. But people’s awareness level about this is more important.”

He laid emphasis on the need of effectively addressing the current issues like human-wildlife conflict, smuggling of wildlife, illegal trade as well as management of human-wildlife conflict, wildlife conservation.

“We also should think issues like managing challenges caused by increasing number of wildlife, arrangement of wildlife-friendly physical infrastructures, national capacity building and activeness of state mechanisms as the result of wildlife conservation”, added President Paudel.

Sharing that Nepal has achieved remarkable achievement in the nature conservation and there is a possibility of support of this sector in economic development of the country, he requested all to involve in policy-making to its implementation by carrying out detailed analysis of existing challenges and opportunities of wildlife conservation and environmental justice.

The President underscored, “As legal frameworks we establish play a significant role in shaping our conservation efforts. It is appropriate to engage increasing collective understanding by sharing experiences and strategies focusing on our experiences and problem-solving methods.”



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