Provinces differ on allowing own vehicles for driver’s licence tests

Various provinces have claimed to have permitted individuals to use their own vehicles during the driver’s licence test.

Following a request from the National Vigilance Center to eliminate the mandatory requirement of using the trial centre’s vehicle by paying a fee, several provinces asserted that such a system had already been put in place. Some provinces have issued notices and provided instructions to enforce this system.

The directives for the driver’s licence examination initially stated that individuals should use their own vehicles during the licence trial.

However, this requirement was later removed by amending the directive, allowing vehicles to be used at the paid driving training centres instead.

As a result, complaints arose regarding the requirement to conduct vehicle trials using a limited and small number of vehicles available at trial centres nationwide, coupled with the imposition of high fees.

In response to these concerns, on January 21, the National Vigilance Center issued instructions to facilitate the use of individuals’ own vehicles for the trials.

So far, Lumbini, Karnali Province and Sudurpaschim Province have claimed that such a system is in force. Karnali Province and Sudurpaschim Province have written a letter to the Center and claimed to have implemented such a system. The Madhesh Province has already instructed its licence office to implement such a system.

The Vigilance Center communicated with the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers Offices of all seven provinces, issuing instructions regarding the use of individuals’ own vehicles for trials.

Additionally, citing the Prevention of Corruption Act, the Center provided guidelines to regulate the voluntary use of vehicles. As of now, provinces including Bagmati, Gandaki, and Koshi provinces have not responded or provided any feedback regarding the instructions issued by the Center.



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