Schools shut down with conjunctivitis outbreak

Bharatpur metropolis has decided to close the schools for five days after an outbreak of conjunctivitis (eye infection).

Issuing a public notice on Sunday, the metropolitan city closed down the operation all public and private schools.

Municipal education officer Mahendra Prasad Poudyal informed that all the schools operated in the boundary of the metropolis will remain closed on August 7-11. The leave will be adjusted from the winter and summer holiday, he shared.

The cases of eye infection have widespread in Chitwan of late. Ratnanagar municipality in Chitwan also closed all the schools due to outbreak of the infection.

Issuing a public notice on Sunday, Ratnanagar municipality has requested the private schools operating classes up to grade 12 to shut their operation from August 7 onwards for a certain period.

The municipality has also asked the schools to conduct eye infection sensitization before it issued a public notice for the closure of schools.

Earlier, Khairahani municipality in Chitwan had decided to close down educational institutions to check rising cases of eye infection among students. The municipality decided to shut the schools for Sunday and Monday.



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