Seven more Nepalis die while serving in Russian Army

Seven more Nepali people have died while serving in the Russian Army against Ukraine.

According to a press note issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal, additional seven Nepali people who joined the Russian Army were killed while fighting against Ukraine.

With this, the number of Nepalis killed in the Russia-Ukraine war has reached 20. Earlier, the Nepal government said that 13 Nepalis had been killed.

Nepalis killed in Russia-Ukraine war recently

  1. Purna Bahadur Gurung – Dhading
  2. Nabin Shahi- Jajarkot
  3. Padam Bahadur Ghimire – Udayapur
  4. Ganga Ram Adhikari – Jhapa
  5. Jit Bahadur BK – Baglung
  6. Sanjaya KC – Banke
  7. Sundar Moktan – Rasuwa

The trend of Nepali people joining the Russian Army has not stopped even though the ministry has clarified that the government has no policy to allow Nepali citizens to join foreign armies except for national armies of some countries as per the traditional agreements.

The government has been taking diplomatic initiatives to rescue and repatriate the Nepalis who joined the Russian Army, the Foreign Ministry said.

Similarly, the government has urged the Russian government to provide compensation for the families of those killed while serving in the army, treatment for the injured and repatriate those who are currently serving in the Russian Army against Ukraine.



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