Steps towards good governance continue: Home Minister

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has assured that the campaign for good governance will not stop.

In his replies today to National Assembly members during the deliberations on the Appropriation Bill, 2080 BS, the Minister pledged to intensify the measures aiming to promote good governance.

Highlighting the importance of good governance as a prerequisite for overall development, Minister Shrestha expressed the government’s determination to prioritize good governance, prosperity, and social justice. He acknowledged the support of the public and the parliament in the government’s efforts to strengthen good governance.

According to him, law applies equally to all individuals, regardless of their status. He assured that no guilty involved in corruption scandals would be allowed to go scot-free, and innocents would not be wrongly blamed for.

In his statement, the Deputy Prime Minister also talked about issues regarding the career development opportunities and physical infrastructure in the police force.

“Despite limited resources, the government continues to make maximum efforts to enhance border security, to control crime, to maintain a secure atmosphere, to prevent drug abuse, to manage disasters, and to eliminate discrimination.”

Furthermore, Minister Shrestha reaffirmed the government’s commitment to completing the police integration process and combating drug smuggling and abuse, caste-based discrimination, and untouchability.

“The government remains dedicated to the pursuit of good governance, ensuring the safety and security of the nation, and promoting social justice.”



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