Three school girls go missing

Three school girls have gone missing in Pokhara since yesterday.

The girls in school dress had left home for school on Monday, but did not reach school nor returned home, the parents said, urging all concerned for cooperation to find them.

Manika Pariyar, 14; Alisha Pariyar, 13; and Radhika Pariyar, 14; from Bindhyabasini of Pokhara Metropolitan City-2 went out of contact while going to school, according to District Police Office, Kaski.

Radhika and Manika were students of Rastriya Secondary School while Alisha a student of Barpatan Secondary School.

Although the parents briefly talked to Radhika and Manika by phone, it was not clear where and how they were.

The parents lodged applications at Police Office, seeking cooperation for the search of the missing girls.

Information Officer and DSP at District Police Office, Shravan Kumar BK, informed that police had intensified search for the school girls after the concerned guardians sought help. They had not gone to their relatives’ home either, he added.



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