Viral fever and dengue cases up in Sarlahi

Cases of viral fever and dengue are increasing in Sarlahi district for the past few days. The number of patients visiting private and government health facilities to avail treatment is growing lately.

The infection of viral fever is spreading rapidly following the change in the weather in the wake of incessant rainfall for a week, said Dr Nawal Kishore Jha, Deputy Medical Superintendent at the Provincial Hospital, Malangawa.

Patients complaining of sore throat, weakness and high fever are high in number in the hospital of late, said Dr Alok Kumar Kushbaha, Chief of Lalbandi Model Hospital.

Some 10 to 20 patients with infection of viral fever visit healthcare facilities at Lalbandi, Nawalpur, Hariban and Bagmati daily, added Dr Kushbaha.

Most of the viral fever cases were reported at Lalbandi, Nawalpur and Hariban, according to Mumtaz Mikrani, Chief of Department of Health at Lalbandi Municipality.

Similarly, cases of dengue are also on the rise in the district, according to Dr Jha at the Provincial Hospital. There are 61 dengue infected patients reported in the district at present.

To be protected from dengue and viral fever, doctors have advised to keep surrounding clean so as to keep away mosquito and do not closely contact with the infected persons.

Meanwhile, those infected ones have been advised to take a rest and stay indoor as much as possible while it’s scorching hot outside and follow health related precautions.



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