Lumpy skin disease detected in Manang

Lumpy skin disease has been detected in Manang district. A veterinarian at the Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Centre, Manang, Narayan Kusum said the lumpy skin disease was detected on an ox reared by a farmer of Chame rural municipality-2, Thanchowk.

The ox had developed symptoms like high fever. He shared that they have started treatment of the ox keeping it separately from other cattle.

The lumpy skin disease was detected for the first time in Manang district. A total of 2,000 doses of vaccine against lumpy skin has been brought to Manang and they have started vaccinating cattle against lumpy skin disease of Chame rural municipality from Tuesday.

Similarly, cattle of Naso rural municipality would be vaccinated against the disease after few days. There are around 1,500 cattle in Manang district, added Kusum.



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