Ambukhaireni Hospital begins Dialysis service

Ambukhaireni rural municipality of Tanahun is going to start dialysis service for kidney patients from this year.

For this, the rural municipality has received three dialysis devices from the Ministry of Health and Population.

The dialysis machines worth about Rs 4.3 million has been received to meet the rural municipality’s pledge in the policy and program to provide dialysis services from Ambukhaireni Hospital from the current financial year, said Shukar Chuman, chair of the rural municipality.

Since, the local residents suffering from kidney functioning problems had to go elsewhere for dialysis, the rural municipality started the process of setting up a dialysis center at Ambukhaireni Hospital.

Chair Chuman said that since there are 25 kidney patients who require dialysis in the rural municipality.

Prior to this, they had to go to Bharatpur, Damauli and Pokhara for the dialysis. At present, a dialysis center is operating in Damauli Hospital in Tanahun. Though there are 11 equipments in Damauli Hospital only four are functional.



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