Chaudhari bags ‘Vidyapati Maithili Language Literature Award’

Litterateur Ayodhyanath Chaudhary has been conferred on the ‘Bidyapati Language and Literature Award’ for this year amidst a special programme on Tuesday.

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, handed over the award amidst a function organized by Bidyapati Award Trust Janakpurdham on Wednesday. The awards were given on four different categories established in commemoration of Mahakavi (Maithili language) Vidyapati.

The award carries a purse of Rs 200 thousand. Chaudhari hails from Videha Municiaplity-2 of Dhanusha. Similarly, in the translation field, lecturer Ramesh Kumar Yadav from Sahidnagar Municipality-2 was conferred the award carrying the purse of Rs 100 thousand.

Similarly, litterateur Mahendra Kumar Mishra from Loharpatti of Mahottari, was handed over the award in the field of script writing. Avash Lav from Janakpurdham-10, and Vaidyanath Patel from Janakpurdham-14 received the award in the field of culture carrying the purse of Rs 50,000 each.

Conferring the awards, Minister Kirati said Mahakavi Vidyapti had played a significant role to bridge Madhesi and hilly sentiments. “Vidyapati who was born in Mithilanchal some 600 years back also brought together Nepali and Indian sentiment. So, he is a symbol of sentiment,” Minister Kirati reminded.

On the occasion, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Tourism, in Madhes Province, Sunita Kumari Yadav underscored the need for retaining the values and contribution made by Vidyapati in Maithili language and literature.

Trust Chairperson Ram Babu Chaudhari said that the Trust had been providing awards to the literati, translators, researchers and culture promoters in Maithili language.



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