Deputy Speaker Magar hails Guiyang model of sustainable development

Deputy Speaker Indira Rana Magar, commending the the Guiyang City’s model of sustainable development, said that it would provide us with a blueprint to address the challenges in Nepal such as rapid urbanization, environmental degradation and climate change among others.

Addressing the opening ceremony of Eco-Forum Global Guyiang-2023 organized by the government of China in Guiyang of Guizhou Province of China on July 8, Deputy Speaker Magar acknowledged the annual event in Guiyang was a comprehensive platform for the participating countries for exchanging ideas, leveraging technology and sharing the best practices in promoting green development among others.

The theme for this year’s event was “Pursuing modernization of harmony between humanity and nature- Promoting green and low-carbon development”.

The annual event kicked off last Saturday where over 2,500 representatives are expected to exchange ideas and experiences on topics such as international exchange and cooperation and eco-conservation and pollution control.

Stating that Nepal had adhered to an inclusive approach to fight against environmental challenges, Magar shared that Nepal had prioritized adaptation, mitigation and disaster management measures to cushion the effect of problems emanating from climate change.

Recalling Nepal’s target to achieve net-zero carbon emission by 2045, Magar shared that Nepal remained steadfastly committed to the Paris Agreement.

Calling for collative climate action to protect our planet and people from the climate change impact, Magar underscored the need to engage and empower the local communities as well as marginalized groups who, according to her, were disproportionately affected by environment issues.

On a different note, Deputy Speaker Magar lauded China’s positive role in helping developing countries cope with the environmental challenges through technology transfer, investment in green development and knowledge experience sharing.

Stating that Nepal and China had been enjoying cordial relationship since millennia, Magar asserted that Nepal always upheld One-China Policy and remains committed not to allow its soil to be used against the core interests of China.



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