Govt committed to developing community campus: CM Pande

Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Surendra Raj Pande viewed the province government is committed to development of community campus.

Inaugurating a programme organized on the 37th anniversary of the Adikavi Bhanubhakta Campus at Bhadgaon of Byas Municipality in Tanahu on Monday, Chief Minister Pande said government would extend assistance for upgrading and infrastructure development of the campus.

Enhancement of quality education is one of the priorities of the government, he said, adding that if quality is not ensured in education sector, it would have multiple effects.

Education sector is responsible for producing quality human resources needed for country’s development, Pande underscored.

The policy and programme of the government has incorporated the development of community campus where government is made responsible for it. Rs 50 million has been allocated to address the problems of 90 community campuses in Gandaki Province, according to the CM.

“The State has huge investment in this sector. Government must be responsible towards education and health sector development,” he reminded.

On the occasion, Minister for Economic Affairs in the province, Jit Prakash Ale, however opined that local level should be active for the quality education in community schools and colleges.



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