ICP not brought into operation even two months after its inauguration

The integrated check post (ICP) along the Nepal-India border in Nepalgunj is not brought into operation even after one and a half months of its inauguration.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi had jointly inaugurated the ICP in Nepalgunj-Rupaidiya in June.

They had inaugurated the check post remotely from Hyderabad House, the Office of the Indian Prime Minister. The ICP is expected to facilitate improved cross-border connectivity between Nepal and India.

Chief of Building Division Office in Nepalgunj, Bijay Keshar Khanal, said that the ICP was not brought into operation as the construction company not handed over the building to the government. Likewise, the tasks of the physical works are still ongoing.

Similarly, the jobs of human resource management and security arrangement are likely to compete soon, he added.

Khanal stated that it could take some two more months for the operation of the ICP in Nepalgunj.



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