Two settlements in Humla at high risk of flood, landslide

Two villages at Sarkegad Rural Municipality in Humla district are at high risk of flood and landslide due to the incessant rainfall since three weeks.

Ripa at Sarkegad Rural Municipality, Ward No. 2 is at risk of landslide while Rahadeu which falls in Ward No. 8 of the rural municipality is at risk of both flood and landslide.

Massive flooding and landslide triggered by continuous rains around the village on July 28 have further increased the risk of landslide, said a local Bhakti Phadera. Phadera narrated that mudslide is taking place at various locations in the area and the locals are like stranded in an island.

He lamented that more than 500 residents of the village face being buried by landslide if they do not evacuate early.

“We are living in an ‘island’. There is mudflow around the village. There is no place to move out from the island. Power lines, the water source and our crops in the fields all have been swept away by the flood,” he said of the damage caused by flood and landslide, adding that the only things left are the houses and their residents.

Daljeet Karki, another local, shared that the villagers are staying out in the open with hungry stomach since the last two days due to fear of more flooding and landslides.

“We have requested the bodies concerned for rescue, but no rescue and relief has come to us so far,” said Siddha Karki, the Ward No. 2 Chair.

As he said, the landslide and floods have damaged 50 thousand hectares arable land and settlement areas. The bridge over Ripagad and Lipnejhola streams has been completely damaged, halting people’s movement. Karki, the Ward Chair, said the hydropower project in the Ripagad Khola has been damaged.

Water supply structures, communication infrastructure and school buildings have also been damaged, affecting the daily life of the people.

Deepak Malla, spokesperson at the District Police Office, informed that flood and landslide at Ripa and Sarkedeu villages has caused damage to physical properties and the crops. According to him, although no human casualties have been reported, micro-hydel projects, roads and houses have been damaged due to the natural disaster.



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