LDT against using monasteries for commercial purpose

The Lumbini Development Trust has instructed all concerned not to carry out commercial activities in the monasteries and vihars inside Lumbini area.

Reminding that the vihar area under the jurisdiction of Lumbini Development Trust is a place to fully promote and protect the teachings of Lord Buddha, the LDT has sent a letter to all monasteries and vihars requesting them to establish the vihar area as a Buddhist religious, spiritual and peaceful area.

Likewise, the Trust has also directed the Vihars in Lumbini to submit details of foreign nationals residing as required by Vihar Region Regulation, 2058. It has also warned of action if commercial activities are found being carried out in the Vihar premises.

As per the Lumbini master plan, land has been provided to various countries and Buddhist sects for the construction of vihars.
It may be noted that the Lumbini Hotel Association had submitted a memorandum to the LDT objecting to the fact that instead of promoting Buddhist ideology and spirituality, vihars and monasteries were being used as hotels for guests.



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