STC, Jumla, has sufficient stock of salt

The Salt Trading Corporation Limited, Jumla, has sufficient stock of salt.

STC Jumla chief Khagendra Malla said currently there is a stock of 1,721 quintals of salt in the depots. District headquarters depot has a stock of 821 quintals of salt, 550 quintals in Narakot depot and 350 quintals in Guruchour depot.

He shared, “There will be no shortage of salt in the district. Salt would be distributed to all wards of eight local levels of the district within next few weeks.”

There was a quota of Rs 4,200 quintals of salt for three depots of the district in the fiscal year 2079/80 and it was already supplied.

The office received 320 quintals of salt from STC Province Office, Nepaljung, on July 19, mentioned Malla.



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